5 Tips for Finding Affordable No Exam Term Life Insurance Rates!

life insurance with broker2If your only viable option for life insurance is no medical exam life insurance, then most certainly you are worried about price. We present you 5 tips for finding affordable no exam term life insurance rates:

  • Try to get it as soon as possible. You know what they say: “the early bird gets the worm.” There will be significantly more chances of being accepted and get cheaper premiums if you apply when you are not very old. The primary excuse for people who delay application is that they wait for a good investment opportunity or a promotional offer. Well those offers are rarely aimed for senior citizens.  The best promotional offer you can give to yourself is applying now.
  • Learn the differences between various no medical exam policies. No exam life insurance is just the general term for a number of policies. There are many types of policies that do not require medical examination for underwriting and each policy has different terms and conditions. The most common no exam policies are: simplified issue, guaranteed acceptance, limited death benefits and graded death benefits. You should review them before deciding which policy to buy.
  • Improve your medical condition. Medical examination is no longer a mandatory part of the underwriting process, but this does not mean that your medical condition will not be verified or it will not influence the value of premiums. Just like in the case or standard policies, your rating will be based on your health and age. The only difference is that you can qualify even with a bad rating.
  • Analyze your budget. No exam life insurance is known to be expensive and even the cheapest policies can have premiums above the average. Review all income sources and talk with your spouse if she/he is willing to contribute for life insurance.
  • Get life insurance quotes. The best way to find policies with affordable premiums is by comparing all prices. Use online quotes to check all available offers and their respective prices.

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