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Nothing can compensate the loss of a dear person.  We cannot calculate the life of a person and its value in money. But this does not mean you should not formulate a backup plan for this worst case scenario.  In many cases this backup plan must rely on a purchased life insurance.

This is easier said than done. There is an incredible wide range of coverage limits and coverage options. However, your options will be limited after receiving a rating from each insurance company.  This rating will include you in a certain risk category and life insurance ratingswill limit the coverage amounts.

Life insurance ratings reflect the risk of immediately dying.  Those with better ratings pose little threat for immediately dying and are very welcomed by any insurance company.  Some companies do not accept clients below certain ratings, because they do not meet their high standards.

Depending on each company, ratings can get different names like: “Preferred”, “preferred plus”, “Normal”, “Standard” or “Below Standard”.  Acquiring a very good rating will have an immediate positive effect on your premiums.  They will cost less and you will be able to access a wider range of coverage options.  But in order to do so, you must meet certain requirements.

Factors that influence life insurance ratings:

  • Age. The younger you are, the better your rate will be. It is less likely to pass away when you are young.
  • Current health status. Being perfectly healthy will help you get lower rates (which are good) and access all available coverage options. You will have to undergo certain medical exams in order to verify and confirm your status.
  • Medical history. If you have a history of health problems or suffering of a chronic disease, this will make you pay more for life insurance.
  • Weight. Having weight problems, especially being obese, will increase the costs of life insurance.
  • Smoking. Smokers pay more because of the inherent risk to health and life. You will get lower rates if you quit smoking for at least a year.
  • Drinking. Heavy alcohol consumption has the same effect on your rates as smoking. If you drink more, you will pay more.
  • Practicing extreme sports. Place yourself in the arms of danger, just to have fun, is not something viewed favorable by insurance companies.
  • Criminal records. Some crimes and felonies, like DUI have a great impact on life insurance rates.
  • Workplace. Persons who have dangerous jobs, like police officers or firefighters, are likely to pay more for life insurance.

Our website offers informative articles and resources essential in providing customers with the exact information about various types of insurances, the most flexible coverage options or advantages and things one should know before getting a life insurance. In few words, it helps you to take a wise decision when you want to purchase a life insurance policy